We got started because we believe everyone deserves the chance to be secure.

Kalnara provides innovative and affordable cyber security consulting services and risk management solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, empowering business owners to confidently address their cyber security posture.

We strive to understand the businesses we work with to offer the best advice for each of our clients.

Our approach is to be a partner in the success of your organization as a trusted advisor, working alongside your existing teams and providers to strengthen your organization.

Our Story

Kalnara was started in 2018 by a husband (Les) and wife (Lindsay) team who have a passion for helping people. They strongly believe that privacy and security are fundamental human rights and created Kalnara to help facilitate those rights.

Without exception, we believe everyone should have access to the knowledge to better protect themselves and their families.

Kalnara is here to help – get in touch now!