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Firewall Configuration Assessment

Gain insight into whether your firewall is doing its job properly. Get advice on how to fix it if it isn’t.

What is a Firewall Configuration Assessment?

If you’re not sure whether your firewall is working properly, a firewall configuration assessment brings clarity. It looks at how your firewall is set up and tells you how its configuration is affecting your business. It identifies areas of weakness that leave you vulnerable and lets you know if your firewall is disrupting your workflow.


Why do you need a Firewall Configuration Assessment?

Your firewall is the virtual ‘gate’ to your business. But are you certain it allows the right access? A badly optimized firewall can allow everything to pass, like a door without a lock. But it could also prevent anything from passing through, like a brick wall.

Neither of these scenarios is good for your business. The former leaves you open to attack. The latter will cause blockages and disruption for you and your staff.

Given the importance of firewalls, it’s surprising how often they’re badly configured. An incorrectly aligned firewall could have:

Poorly defined rules that permit far more through than is safe

Pointless rules that block things they shouldn’t

Ill-conceived rules that can allow attackers to access weak systems

A firewall configuration assessment takes a deep dive into your firewall, then tells you if it’s doing its job properly. If it isn’t, the assessment will tell you what changes you need to make.

Why choose a Kalnara Firewall Configuration Assessment?

We’ll give you a clear, non-technical explanation of your firewall rules. That means you’ll have complete clarity on what your firewall is doing, and whether there are issues with it.

If your firewall is running the most up-to-date version of its operating system, we’ll tell you. If it isn’t, we’ll show you how to fix it so that it’s giving the protection your business requires against current threats.

Once we’re done, you’ll have all the information you need to make sure the gates to your organization are only opening for who and what you want. That will allow you to better protect yourself against cyber security threats.

We will recommend the ideal firewall setting for your organization. If your firewall is leaving you vulnerable, we’ll show you how to tighten it up. If it’s adversely affecting your workflow, we’ll suggest what action you need to take so that it doesn’t.

Ready to protect your business?