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Table Top Exercise

Test how ready your people, processes, and technology are for a cyber security incident.

What is a Table Top Exercise?

A Table Top Exercise (TTE) tests both your organization’s readiness to deal with a cyber security incident and the robustness of your Incident Response Plan (IRP).

By simulating an incident, we can stress-test your IRP to make sure that it’s up for the job of handling a genuine breach or attack. You’ll be able to see in real-time how your team handles the exercise, and whether your systems and technology can cope.


Why do you need a Table Top Exercise?

While you might believe that your organization is ready to deal with online threats, it pays to make sure. Even a well-planned IRP can have loopholes or oversights. It’s also difficult to know how well team members will deal with a cyber security threat until they’ve been through it.

Through simulating a cyber security incident, you can put your IRP, your team, and your tech through their paces. ‘Role-playing’ an incident in this way allows you to identify weaknesses, improve procedures, and better prepare your team in case of a real attack.

Once the exercise is complete, you’ll be able to make any changes or improvements needed, based on our experts’ detailed feedback.

Why choose a Kalnara Table Top Exercise?

We understand that your organization is unique. Our experts will collaborate with you to understand your IRP, environment, and specific objectives for the TTE.

Before the TTE, we’ll fully brief you and your team on what to expect. We’ll review the ground rules and answer any initial questions before the TTE begins.

Our experts will analyze the information and feedback collected and prepare a detailed report. It will include a timeline of the TTE, recommendations for improvement, and areas of excellence. We’ll also give an overall analysis of the effectiveness of your IRP and the readiness of your organization.

With a thorough understanding of what you need, we’ll prepare a scenario designed to test your people, processes, and technology. You’ll have the final say on the details of the scenario, and we’ll revise it until you’re completely satisfied.

Upon completion of the TTE, a debrief with everyone involved will take place. We’ll collect feedback for inclusion with the final report and presentation.

Finally, we’ll meet with you to present the key points from the report and ensure you are completely satisfied with the experience.

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