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Cyber Insurance Review

Prepare for the worst. Understand what coverage you need to protect your business and stay compliant. 

What is a Cyber Insurance Review?

A cyber insurance review provides a summary recommending what insurance your business needs in case of a cyber security incident. It will identify whether your current insurance is suitable, and whether you fulfill the obligations needed for your coverage to be valid.


Why do you need a Cyber Insurance Review?

In 2020, 78% of Canadian organizations experienced at least one cyber attack, a number which increased by 7.7% in 2021. So, the question isn’t, “Will we be breached?” Instead, you should ask, “When will we be breached?” And alongside that: “How much can we reduce/mitigate the impact of the attack?” Having the right cyber insurance policy is a vital part of that process.

But buying any kind of insurance policy can be confusing. And cyber insurance policies are more complex than most. That means it’s all too easy for you to buy the wrong policy. You could end up overspending, or you might end without the coverage you need if the worst happens.

A cyber insurance review cuts through the confusion. It identifies whether you have the right insurance policy and recommends what you should have if your current policy isn’t suitable. It will also tell you whether you’re complying with the terms of your policy, so you can fix things if you aren’t.

Why choose a Kalnara Cyber Insurance Review?

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