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Virtual Analyst

Have a cyber security expert from Kalnara join your team for as long as you need them.

What is Virtual Analyst?

If you need a temporary team member who’s a cyber security expert, we’re standing by. Even if it’s for only a few hours a week, our analyst will seamlessly integrate into your organization. They’ll give you dedicated support and expert advice, fulfilling all your cyber security needs.


Why do you need a Virtual Analyst?

All businesses need to be flexible, including when it comes to cyber security. If you need extra support – however briefly – we’re here to help.

You might need someone to fill in for your usual cyber security expert while they’re on vacation. Or maybe there’s a specific project you’re working on that needs extra input.

Whatever the reason, a Kalnara Virtual Analyst is ready to work with you and do whatever needs to be done.

Why choose a Kalnara Virtual Analyst?

Flexible and Adaptable

Our experts are flexible and adaptable. Your Virtual Analyst will slot straight into your existing set-up as a valuable member of your team.

Unrivalled Knowledge

We have unrivalled knowledge of current cyber security issues. With one of our specialists on board, you’ll benefit from their deep understanding and practical know-how.


We understand that every business is unique. We’ll go out of our way to understand the specific needs of your company, even if we’re only working with you for a few hours.

Tighten Defenses

As they work with you our analysts will assess your existing cyber security measures. They’ll make recommendations about how to polish and improve them, tightening up your company’s defenses.

Ready to protect your business?