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Cyber Security Assessment

Gain a deeper understanding of the risks you face. Know whether you have adequate protection against them.

What is a Cyber Security Assessment?

A cyber security assessment looks at the controls and practices you have in place to protect your business. It identifies areas of weakness and looks at the suitability of the measures you already use. Once you have that information, you can use it to decide what cyber security systems you need to fully protect your organization.


Why do you need a Cyber Security Assessment?

Given the vast range of cyber security tools and technologies available, it’s not surprising that you might struggle to understand which are the best fit for your business. That can lead to you leaving gaps in your defenses, leaving yourself open to attack. But it can also lead to you ‘over-protecting’ some areas, wasting money on software or support that you don’t really need.

Having appropriate cyber security is critical component of due diligence in an organization. If you’re dealing with client data or making financial transactions online, you’re legally bound to take appropriate protective measures. A cyber security assessment gives you the information you need to make sure you’re meeting industry standards.


Cyber Security Assessment?

We’ll make recommendations based on the specific needs and resources of your business. That means you’ll be able to take immediate, practical steps to protect yourself.

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) Critical Security Controls leaves ‘no stone unturned’, so you’ll get a 360 degree view of your business’ cyber security needs.

But also where you can save money. When you need to put new protections in place, we’ll recommend the most cost-effective way to do so.

We will also explain which are ‘acceptable’ for your business model. That means you’ll understand where you need to take action, but also know which areas don’t need more attention.

Once you know your needs, we offer a range of services that provide effective cyber defense and protection. No need for you to stress over next steps – we can do it all for you.

Ready to protect your business?