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Physical Security Assessment

Assess whether your computer equipment and data storage are safe and secure from physical threats.

What is a Physical Security Assessment?

A physical security assessment looks at whether your computer equipment is adequately protected from damage, theft, and tampering.

It will highlight any potential issues and give guidance on how to fix them.


Why do you need a Physical Security Assessment?

Computer equipment is expensive. Hardware is replaceable if damaged or stolen. But data lost through a physical mishap might be gone forever. And if your equipment isn’t working, even for a short amount of time, it can stop your business in its tracks.

You might assume that your equipment is safe from harm. But you may not have considered the risk of:


Is your server room secure? Does it have a lock on the door? Who has keys to that door?


Do you have water-based sprinklers near your equipment? Including in your server room?


Is there a water pipe running above your equipment that could potentially burst?

A physical security assessment will identify risks you’ve overlooked and make recommendations on how to reduce them.

Why choose a Kalnara Physical Security Assessment?

  • Our assessments are very thorough. We’ll take a long, hard look at your set-up and give you a comprehensive list of any problems we find.
  • We’ll give you a complete set of recommendations for improving your organization’s physical security. You’ll find them practical and immediately actionable.
  • We will advise you on what guidance to give your staff so that they’re aware of possible risks. Feel confident that everyone in your organization takes the physical security of your equipment seriously.

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