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Vulnerability Assessment

Test and probe your systems for weaknesses. Strengthen your network against cyber attacks.

What is Vulnerability Assessment?

Using specialized software, we check all your workstations, servers, devices, and applications for weaknesses that leave you open to attack.

We can perform a one-off check that identifies all existing vulnerabilities – which we’ll then tell you how to resolve.

If you prefer, our external vulnerability assessment service can keep a constant watch on your internet-facing systems. When issues are detected, we’ll tell you how to protect your organization against them.


Why do you need Vulnerability Assessment?

Hackers, scammers, and other online criminals are always looking for ways to attack businesses like yours. And if they do find a way in, they can do serious damage. In Canada, the estimated average cost of a data breach is $6.35 million dollars.

The holy grail for an attacker is being able to remotely exploit your devices, servers, or applications. Either by phishing for passwords or tricking a worker into launching malicious software, these attackers work tirelessly to get into your network. Once they’re in, it’s easy for them to steal your data or launch devastating ransomware attacks.

The best way to stop cyber criminals is to make sure that all your systems are properly configured, entirely up to date, and free of bugs. Although bad guys may still try to breach your defenses, a robust network deters them. Either they’ll look for easier prey, or their efforts will be significantly slowed. That means you’re far more likely to detect their attack, allowing you to halt it.

A vulnerability assessment detects problems, flaws, and weaknesses across all your IT systems. Once you know what the issues are – you can fix them. And once they’re fixed, your business will be much better protected.

Why choose a Kalnara Vulnerability Assessment?

We’ll dig into every system for weaknesses. We know exactly where to look, so the process will be much quicker and efficient than doing it yourself.

We’ll provide you with a detailed report telling you about the vulnerabilities we’ve found and how they can be fixed – giving you a prioritized list to focus your efforts.

With ongoing vulnerability scanning, we’ll keep a vigilant watch over your systems. That allows you to focus on doing business without worrying about cyber threats.

We’ll recommend how you can continue to keep your network secure, future-proofing your business against cyber attacks.

Ready to protect your business?