LAST UPDATED: October 7, 2021

Kalnara Cyber Defense Corporation (“Kalnara”) values your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal information. In this Privacy Policy (“Policy”), we describe how we collect, use, store, and disclose information that we obtain about visitors to our website located at (the “Site”), any Ads published and managed by Kalnara with which you interact (our “Ads”). Collectively, the Site, Ads, consulting services we offer, and any other marketing materials are collectively referred to as the “Services”.

By visiting the Site, or interacting and engaging with any of our Services, you agree and understand that your personal information will be handled as described in this Policy. Your use of our Site or Services, and any dispute over privacy, is subject to this Policy, including its applicable limitations on damages and the resolution of disputes.

We continuously revise this Policy to reflect changes in Kalnara’s personal data collection and handling practices. The latest version of the Policy is provided here with an effective date as set forth above. If you have any questions regarding this Policy, please contact us using the Contact Us button. Any updates to this Policy will be clearly described at the end of the Policy. Because we do not send out notice of any changes to the Policy individually, it is your responsibility to review this Policy for any changes.

How Does Kalnara View Privacy?
We believe privacy is a fundamental human right. We will try to accommodate any reasonable request regarding any of your personal information that we have collected, including any rights you are given under the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), but reserve the right to refuse any requests we are not legally obligated to complete under Alberta’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA), as described in this Policy.

What Information Does Kalnara Collect?
We collect personal information, which means anything that can identify you, such as your email address, name, phone number, IP address, type of device used, date of access to the Service(s) and device locality. Kalnara is located in Alberta, Canada, which requires us to adhere to Alberta’s PIPA legislation. It has vague descriptions of what Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is. To protect you better, we generally adhere to the GDPR and CCPA definitions on PII.

  • If you use our Contact form
    • Your name, email address, phone number, and any information shared
  • If you use our online appointment scheduling tool
    • Your name and any information shared
  • If you visit the Site or interact with one of our Ads
    • Technical (such as your IP address, what device you used, etc.) and non-technical (such as when you accessed the Site) information
  • If you contact us to enquire or engage us to provide consulting or other types of services
    • Your name, email address, phone number, IP address, what device you used, when you accessed our Site, Ads or otherwise contacted us, any information shared and any information necessary to perform and collect for the requested work.

Does Kalnara Track Me and How Is the Information Collected?
Yes, a little.

We might give you cookies – everyone loves cookies! Seriously, we use digital cookies (alphanumeric identifiers that we transfer to your computer’s hard drive through your web browser).

  • We do not honour “Do Not Track” requests, but you may disable cookies if you wish to not be tracked.
    • If you disable cookies, some features of our Site may not function.

We might send you “clear GIFS”, tiny pictures that uniquely identify you, similar to cookies

  • These are not stored on your computer and are invisible

How do we use these Cookies and “clear GIFS”?

  • To uniquely identify you, in order to help us to process your transactions and requests
  • To track aggregate and statistical information about our user’s activity
  • To display advertising on our Site and on third-party sites
  • To track if you have opened an email that we have sent
    • We also use them to know if you have forwarded one of our emails

What Information Doesn’t Kalnara Collect?
Tough question – if you tell us you have a super cool tattoo of the Kalnara logo, we might just hang on to that tidbit. In all seriousness, if it doesn’t relate to our business together, we will not collect it, and we certainly won’t try to dig into your personal information.

There might be a few exceptions, like if you tell us you love skiing or hockey, so we can have a conversation with you about things you like.

We definitely don’t collect information that can be used to discriminate against you – that’s not okay. Seriously, it is super not okay.

Who Does Kalnara Share My Information With?
Only employees and contractors that have a reason for accessing your information. We store your information on various systems provided by companies we use, there’s a list a little further down so you can see what we use them for.

We may include links to third-party websites through our Site and Services. We are not responsible for these websites. The information you provide them and your access to those sites is governed by the privacy policies of those third-party websites. We encourage you to read the privacy policy of every website you visit.

There are a few companies we use to run our business, so they might collect a bit of information about you as well that we don’t know about. We are unaware of the following companies’ uses of widgets and cannot make representations regarding this either. We’re not responsible for what they do with your data, but because we believe in being transparent, here’s a list so you can contact them to see what they collect and how they use your information.

  • HostPapa, for hosting our website
  • EngageBay, for our Customer Relationship Management tool
    • EngageBay also provides our email broadcast communications
  • Google, for ads, website analytics, and search result optimization
    • If you want to avoid Google tracking your searches, we highly recommend using DuckDuckGo as an online search tool
  • Microsoft, for our email hosting
  • Intuit, for our accounting
  • Calendly, for scheduling meetings
  • Zapier, for integrating Calendly and EngageBay
  • Scanova, for creating and tracking our QR codes

**We might forget to add someone to this list. If you think we have, just let us know or ask! We believe in transparency.**

If we are acquired by or merged with another company, or if part or all of our assets are transferred to another company or as part of a bankruptcy proceeding, we may transfer the information we have collected from you to the other company.

How Does Kalnara Protect My Information?
We have put in place appropriate security measures, including Multi-Factor Authentication, Antivirus, and encrypted file storage.

We may make backup copies of your information from time to time and store them in an appropriate manner to ensure your data is not accidentally lost, altered, or disclosed.

What Do I Do If I Think My Information is Being Mis-used?
If you think we, or one of the companies we use is mis-using your data, please tell us. We abide by all applicable laws.

How Long Does Kalnara Store My Information?
Probably forever, unless we have a reason to destroy your information. Most privacy laws allow your information to be kept only as long as reasonably required, which is pretty vague. We try to destroy any information we don’t need, but sometimes things get missed.

How Do I Take Control of My Information?
You can contact us and ask that we provide you with a copy of any of your information that we have collected (unless it has been destroyed already). We may need to request specific information to confirm your identity to keep your information safe.

You should update us if any of your information changes and you want us to know about it, so we can keep in touch.

You may also ask that we destroy your information, which we will do and provide confirmation to you of the destruction.

You will not have to pay for any of these actions. It is your information, after all! If your request(s) are unfounded, repetitive, or excessive, we may refuse to comply with your request(s).

If we have an ongoing business relationship, we may not be able to destroy everything until the relationship is concluded. If this occurs, we will inform you why not all information was destroyed, and you may request the remaining information be destroyed after the business relationship is complete. An example of this may be an outstanding invoice, as we will need to know how to reach you to take care of it.

Some technologies keep temporary copies of information (called caches) to help speed up Internet access. We don’t have control over them, but these copies are typically deleted automatically when the technology being used doesn’t need it any longer.

How Does Kalnara Use My Information?
We will only store and use your information when necessary and allowed by law. A few examples are as follows:

  • To send promotional or informational emails to you (only if you have asked to receive them!)
    • You can opt-out at any time by following the instructions in the email
  • To provide the service(s) you have requested
  • To fulfill any contest, draw, or gift delivery
  • To communicate with you about your account, or for other customer service purposes
  • To tailor the content and information that we may send or display to you while using the Site or our Services
  • To improve our marketing and better understand how our user’s access and use our Site and Services
  • To respond to a legal request
  • Such as a judicial proceeding, court order, or other legal processes
  • To protect us and others
    • If we believe it is necessary to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities;
    • If we suspect fraud;
    • If we believe there may be a threat to the safety of any person;
    • If there are violations of this Policy; or
    • If we require evidence in litigation in which Kalnara is involved.

If you have a question that isn’t listed here, please use our Contact Form to get in touch.

Privacy Policy Update History

August 7, 2020
This the first release of the Policy.

December 14, 2020
Removed Agile CRM and added EngageBay as CRM and Newsletter Provider

February 13, 2021
Removed Wix and added HostPapa as Web Hosting Provider
Removed Arc Reactions as Web Developers/Marketing

July 30, 2021
Added Calendly, Zapier, and Scanova to the provider list

October 7, 2021
Added note regarding prize delivery