We believe EVERYONE
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Small and medium sized companies often struggle to keep themselves safe online. We provide expert and effective cyber security support that will keep your organization safe from harm.

Why choose Kalnara?

Affordable Pricing

A cyber attack can be costly, so cyber security is a sensible investment. But it doesn’t always come cheap. We offer big business protection at small business prices.

Flexible Approach

No one size fits all approach here. We’ll take the time to understand the exact security requirements of your business, and act based on what needs to be done. Our pricing is flexible too. You can pick and choose which services to buy into, keeping your costs down.

Current Expertise

The cyber security landscape is changing constantly. We keep up to date with all the trends and emerging threats. Our knowledge base is industry-specific, so we can advise you on the precise dangers facing your business.

Skilled and Effective

We’re good at what we do. Your company will get the benefit of our deep skill set and our extensive knowledge of the current cyber security threats.

Passionate and Committed

Online security is a basic human right. Sadly, the internet is full of malicious individuals and greedy criminals. They have no qualms about ruining companies and wrecking lives. We’re here to defend your business against them.

Helpful and Responsive

We know our way around computers. But we’re also good with humans. You’ll find us friendly, professional, and communicative. Whatever assistance you need, whatever question you’d like to ask, get in touch. We’re always happy to help.

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Did you know?

Nearly six in ten (57%) internet users in Canada reported having experienced a cyber security incident in 2018.

In 2019, 21% of Canadian businesses were impacted by cyber security incidents.

54% of impacted businesses reported that cyber security incidents prevented the continuation of work.

Only 18% of Canadian businesses were found to have implemented formal policies on cyber security in 2019.

There were 235 ransomware incidents against Canadian victims from January 1 to November 16, 2021.

30% of impacted businesses experienced additional repair or recovery costs.

In Canada, the estimated average cost of a data breach is $6.35M CAD.

Approximately 92% of data breaches in the first three months of 2022 were the result of cyber attacks.

Across the world, we have seen a marked rise in the volume and range of cyber threats – and Canada is no exception. This includes a surge in ransomware incidents. This year, we have seen a growing number of ransomware threats targeting Canadian small and medium-sized businesses, health care organizations, utility organizations, and municipalities.

Anita Anand
The Canadian Minister of National Defence, 2021.

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